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Everything that a "normal" dad's life is like these days, including kids, marriage, recreation, hobbies, religion, work (rarely!), and other observations. I intentionally write from a positive - and often humorous - perspective, so you won't find any rants here!

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Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. If an unexpected crazy event happens - like the NBC Peacock girls all show up at my house, I may add additional posts!

Pictures are Copyrighted. If you want to use them, please email me and state your use and the photo you want. Non-commercial use will most likely be granted, and you will feel good about yourself for doing the right I'll provide high resolution files without the visible watermark!


Listening to music, playing music, books, photography, cooking, Nintendo (and to a much lessor extent: other video game platforms), gardening, old houses, City of St. Louis.